Restaurant LadoNina is located in Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall. Lado and Nina are inseparable names. Renowned Georgian artist Lado Gudiasvhili and his spouse Nina lived very interesting life full of problems and success. Nina was a great love, a muse, a protector and a friend for Lado. She would defend Lado from the everyday problems and would create a special atmosphere around his art – reality that was very different from the Soviet one.

Many have admired Lado’s Artistic Studio until today. Great public figures such as John Updike, Arthur Hailey, John Priestley, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Boris Pasternak, Mstislav Rostropovich, Galaktion Tabidze and others have expressed their admiration about Lado’s Studio in different ways.

Visit LadoNina where the presence artworks by Lado Gudiashvili and refined taste of Georgian cuisine makes the atmosphere of the restaurant unique. Menu is changed seasonally, you can find traditional georgian dishes like Khachapuri, Kharcho, Chikhirtma but also enjoy culinary experience with modern twist.

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